Abalone and Rock Lobster recovered

Today, 18 September 2017, we were working with Sea Watch and a call was received around 13:00 to advise that poachers were spotted at Sea Farm. At this point the poachers were already in the water.

Whilst Marine Anti-Poaching Unit and Sea Watch were observing from a look out point in Bettys Bay to ensure they do not lose track of the poachers, MCM were contacted to support and respond to the scene.

After an hour the poachers started to exit the water and at this point Marine Anti-Poaching Unit decided to make their way to Sea Farm from Betty’s Bay.

On arrival the Marine Anti-Poaching Unit confronted the presumed poachers, but nothing was found on them and they were escorted from the area. We then returned to the scene, and with support from Sea Watch, were guided to a spot where a bag of Abalone and Rock Lobster was retrieved.

Unfortunately we were not able to save any of the abalone today as they were already shucked, but we were able to prevent them landing in the wrong hands.

MCM and Cape Nature arrived afterwards to collect the abalone and return to authorities.

We strive for poaching prevention and request that all residence from Rooiels to Kleinmond make contact with our response unit whenever poachers are noticed. Our success is measured by preventing them from entering the water, thus not allowing them opportunity to do any harm to our marine life.

Our fight to preserve and protect our marine life is a daily battle and your support will lighten the load.

If you want to be a volunteer for Marine Anti-Poaching Unit please send your information to info@mapu.org.za and we will get back to you or visit our website www.mapu.org.za . Volunteering includes communication through tip offs, observing and/or forming part of our response team.