Being SMART about Safety

In today’s day and age there is no such thing as being too safe or too cautious. It is unfortunate, but safety first should be the top of everyone’s priority list.

Herewith a few tips to ensure that you are always safe at home.

Give your home a safety check

You can do this yourself and should be a priority even before you move into a new property. Make sure your door is solid wood or metal, add deadbolts, check all entry points such as windows and make sure all paths to your property are well lit. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with a full risk review.

Know your neighbors

This sounds like an old wives tale, but make an effort to be friendly for safety’s sake. In times of trouble your neighbors might be the best bet for assistance.

Let Friends know when you’re Home

Yes, make it a habit. Involve your friends and family in your safety routine. Give them a call or just let them know when you arrive home that you are safe.

Don’t fumble with your keys

Approaching your front door, specifically when you are alone, you don’t want to spend five minutes fumbling for your keys. Make sure you have them out and ready as you walk up and glide into the safety of your home.

Have an emergency exit plan

Create an exit strategy for worst case scenarios, such as fires or break ins. Know where to escape, whose house you can stay safe at, and call the police. Having this plan ready will make handling such scary situations easier.

Don’t let workers in when you’re alone

Make arrangements to have other people with you for any planned work like plumbers, electricians or having that dish installed. It may sound paranoid, but it’s much safer to have that stranger think you live with people than alone. It will make you less of a target for the future and keep you safer while they are there.

Report any strange activity

Never be afraid to call for assistance from your local response unit or the cops to come and check things out. Remember safety first, be more aware of your surroundings and trust your gut.

Always lock your door

Every time, even if you are just taking out the trash, or stepping back in to fetch something you forgot. It may seem like overkill, especially if you live in a relatively quiet town, but remember it only takes that one moment for someone to sneak in.

Check before you accept

There is a knock on the door, never get in the habit of just opening up if you do not know who is standing on the other side. Don’t feel bad telling someone to go away, if you feel unsafe.

Think twice before posting online

Everyone wants to share the fact that they are on their way to a dream holiday, but don’t. Don’t post any activity that will give clues that you are out of town, that you live alone or that you’re going out for the night. You never know who is watching.

Curtains closed

If you are going out for the day close those curtains. You don’t want people to take a sneak peek at potential takings or notice that no one is home. At night make sure they are closed to, specifically before switching on the lights.

Get a friend

OK, so your windows are secure and you are smart about creepy noises, you are checking the door, but you still don’t feel safe. It may be time to take your security to the next level. Invest in a dog, a security system or deterrent products that will alert you in time.

If you are interested in getting some further detail or support in de-risking your property, feel free to submit your request on our website: