Coastal Cleanup Kleinmond

On Saturday, 14 October 2015, Marine Anti-Poaching Unit joined with WWF, Coastal Cleanup Conservation, Plastics SA, SANBI, Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, Whale Coast Conservation, EcoEnviro and Cape Nature for the 2017 Kleinmond Clean Up. Teachers and children from Kleinmond Primary made it possible to ensure we have enough hands to make a difference. What a fantastic day and initiative.

WWF Panda making his way to the event

Marine Anti-Poaching Unit with WWF SA mascots

Mascot to support penguin awareness

Adults allocated to groups ensuring their safety and that we really stay focused on the job at hand

One of the groups participating today, evidence that you are never to young or to old

Proud to be part of this event

Rewards for:

…most variety of collected items

…most items collected

…and the hardest workers of the day

Chris Kastern, from WWF, educating the kids about recycling

Chris Kastern showing how the drainage system is impacted by improper waste disposal

Antonio da Silva-Swart, from Coastal Cleanup Conservation, ensuring that the kids know it is OK to address people dumping their refuse in the wrong place: “Oi PICK THAT UP!”

A successful, educational and fun day with the community

The success of today does not stop after we depart, but planting the seed with our youth that littering impacts our environment to such a extent that life is endangered. Today more and more instances are found where animals, specifically our marine life, die due to plastic and debris in our oceans mistaken for food. It starts with each of us to ensure our plastics, rubbish and general waste is recycled and discarded of properly.