Is Marine Anti-Poaching Unit (MAPU) registered to operate as an entity or organisation in South Africa?

  • Yes, MAPU is a registered entity and organisation.

What registrations does MAPU have?

  • MAPU is registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) as a Non Profit Company (NPC).
  • MAPU is registered by Social Development as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO).
  • MAPU is registered by South African Revenue Service (SARS) as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO).
  • MAPU is registered as a Level 4 contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE)

Why is the various registration documents for MAPU not listed on the website and other social media pages?

  • Due to the increase with fraudulent activity with individuals using company registration information to collect funds under false pretenses, our registration documents are not shared publicly on social media pages. Registration can be confirmed by completing a search with the various entities on their website using Marine Anti-Poaching Unit.

In what categories is MAPU registered under the NPC/NPO/PBO?

  • Wildlife preservation and protection
  • Community Economic Empowerment & Foundation

Is MAPU allowed to make arrests for Marine Related Offences?

  • Yes, MAPU is allowed to make arrests for all Marine Related Offences gazetted under the Marine Living Resources Act & R1111.

Is MAPU allowed to receive calls related to Marine incidents or general enquiries linked to Marine Conservation from the public?

  • Yes, MAPU can receive the calls and engage with the public.

Is MAPU liaising all Marine related calls from the public to other authorities/organisations?

  • Yes, all communication received from the public that is related to Marine Offences is immediately liaised to the relevant authorities in the area. This process is followed 24/7.

What does MAPU do with information received from the public?

  • MAPU shares the information on receipt with all relevant authorities and then captures all information related to Marine Offences on a central data base. This information is forwarded monthly to all relevant authorities to create awareness around the growing concern across South Africa. The data is also used to assist with establishing poaching Modus Operandi.

Is MAPU engaging with all relevant stakeholders related to Marine Conservation?

  • Yes, MAPU engage with relevant stakeholders on provincial, national and international level. Currently MAPU engages with South African Police Service (SAPS), the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF), Cape Nature, SANPARKS, Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), TRAFFIC (Wildlife Trade Specialists), Interpol (Environmental Crime), other law enforcement agencies and Community Organisations.

Has MAPU been requested by Government Departments to stop operation and/or did government notify MAPU that they are operating illegally and/or are contravening the Marine Living Resources Act?

  • No, MAPU was never instructed by the Government to stop our operation and have never received any communication that we are operating illegally or that we are contravening the Marine Living Resources Act. These claims are fabricated and do not originate from the various Government Department Head Offices.

Is MAPU only operating in the Overstrand?

  • No, MAPU operates nationally.

Is MAPU allowed to apply for funding/donations from any person?

  • Yes, MAPU is allowed to raise funding from anyone, even from public. We do not condone door to door funding campaigns. If you have been approached for funding in any informal way please feel free to confirm validity through info @ mapu.org.za or on the monitor/response phone number listed on our website.

Is MAPU receiving or have they received any funding from National Government, Local Government, Political Parties or Organisations like WWF?

  • No, MAPU does not receive and has never received any funding from National Government, Local Government, Political Parties or Environmental Organisations like WWF.

Is MAPU involved with political parties?

  • No, MAPU is not involved with any political parties and we only support our cause. It is not uncommon for political individuals to support us. We do share or retweet any individuals comments related to our cause.

Is MAPU only focusing on Anti-Poaching?

Is MAPU employing full time staff?

  • No, MAPU only works with volunteers in the various areas. Due to no funding, all volunteers work voluntarily to contribute their time and skills towards our cause and projects. Material donations can be arranged at info @ mapu.org.za and financial donations can be done here.