How Can You Help

Observe and Report

Contact us on +27 60 907 2326 – WhatsApp, Call or SMS – to report any suspicious activity in your area.

When reporting an incident or passing on information try to provide as much details as possible:

  • Description of the vehicle
  • Description of the people
  • Description of the area
  • Time and date
  • etc.

All information is kept confidential without revealing any details of the source.

Anonymous Tip Off

If you want to share information anonymously, use our Contact Us page. You can submit Your Message without adding any other details on the form. In this instance, please be as detailed as possible with the information you share.


If you are able to support us by giving your time and forming part of our volunteer team, please forward your CV to Please add a cover letter with the following information:

  • Area of residence
  • Days and hours of availability
  • Previous Experience
  • Volunteer type – i.e. operational, eyes and ears, administration, bookkeeping, etc.

Brand Ambassador

Like what you see? Well how about becoming a Brand Ambassador for Marine Anti-Poaching Unit? Send us your information through our Contact Us Page and we will set up a meeting to discuss the detail around how you can assist.


If you are able to donate any equipment, uniforms, products, discounts, vouchers, etc. that can be used in our operation, please send the information to us using our Contact Us page and we will contact you to arrange collection and/or to discuss further. Should you be in a position to support us financially, please view our Donate Now Page.

What we are always in need of as we expand:

Binoculars, spotting scopes, Flir, night sights, Uniform, Radios, Flashlights, First aid kits, Vehicles, Maintenance on the vehicles , Boats, Maintenance on the Boats, Fuel – Vehicle and boat, Dash cams, Stationary, Computer equipment, cellphones, self-defense equipment, accommodation for volunteers out of area, training courses related to the operation.

Should your business wish to make a donation, but does not fall in any of aforementioned categories, please still reach out as we can even use your donation in a raffle to generate further funding.