International Coastal Clean-up 2017

16 September marks international Coastal Clean-up day and the directors of Marine Anti-Poaching Unit joined the Hangklip community for their clean-up.



We all know prevention is better than cure ( ), but unfortunately the human race has set out to destroy our one and only Mother Earth.


There are a variety of reasons why beach clean-ups are important and necessary, but here are a few that always hits home.


  1. Understanding the impact of your own lifestyle

Picking up all the plastic bottles, wrappers, fishing gut, etc. really fuels an awakening towards the need to examine our consumer lifestyle, specifically the single use plastics.  The clean-up never ends on the day as this generally triggers a mind shift and suddenly the overflowing bin at the gas station, the bottle of water you purchase every day without hesitation, now brings the question:  Why single use plastic when there is always an alternative?


  1. Get to know your community

Beach clean ups is a fun and interactive activity that allows communities to communicate and connect. Also a great way to volunteer your time and supporting a really worthy cause.


  1. You are saving marine animals

“Marine debris has become a pervasive pollution problem affecting all of the world’s oceans.  Countless marine animals and sea birds become entangled in marine debris or ingest it.  This can cause them serious harm and often results in their death.” – Patti & Lorenzo Dian – H20 Trash Patrol


Our marine life can easily mistake small pieces of plastic for food and over time consuming it becomes too much for their bodies.  This risk is increasing year by year as studies has shown that over 700 marine species might go extinct because of plastic pollution.  (


Today we saw the world participate in this great initiative, but never under estimate the impact you can have as an individual.  Be a blue warrior and together we can make a difference.  #ThinkingBlue