Marine Pollution – Chemical Spills

On the 6th March at 11.00 a MAPU volunteer was contacted by a resident in Bantry Bay to assist with a possible chemical spill from the storm water drains and leading into the ocean.

Upon arrival at the scene. The green liquid was flowing rapidly from the storm water drain.

The Fire Department and Coastal Management teams were contacted for immediate assistance. 

The area was cordoned off to the general public until a sample could be taken and tested to understand if the chemical is lethal to the general public and what the chemical is.

Coastal management teams ascertained that it was more than likely fluorescein or coolant from air conditioning.

The quantity that had flowed out into the ocean was about 60 litres as the impact zone was between 15 to 20 meters from the Storm Drain.  The chemical had stopped spilling and the Department of Environmental affairs and MAPU started out assessment on the immediate marine life.

We found no deaths of species in the immediate area. Either bird or fish.

The area was declared safe by Coastal Management.

Further investigation will be conducted into the source of the spill and other pollutants that have been dumped into the stretch of beach from Bantry Bay to Sea Point.

As we were busy closing the scene a resident came past and asked about the other sites where containers have been dumped with raw sewage. Coastal management have sent a team to investigate and water samples taken to verify what pollutants are present and possible sources of contamination.

A survey of the area found no dead marine life either bird or fish, but further studies, investigation and rotational water sampling will be conducted to ascertain if there are any possible pollutants in the water or damage to the marine life.

Marine Anti-Poaching Unit appeals to the public to report any incidents of illegal dumping or sightings of inexplicable ocean content.  These spills has a direct impact on our marine life and action is required as soon as possible to avoid long term pollution and marine destruction.

For any further information feel free to contact us.