Organisation Cooperation – Impact comparison October 2017 – 2019

Above graph is an extract from the MAPU data base showing the poaching related complaints received between October 2017, October 2018 and October 2019 for the Kogelberg Biosphere in South Africa.

The data is from incidents reported to MAPU and does not include incidents reported to other authorities.

  • 2017
    • Impact due to the presence of MAPU supporting DEFF and Cape Nature through disruptive patrols and monitoring
  • 2018
    • MAPU modus operandi changed to observe and monitor through utilisation of volunteers and seized disruptive patrols. Poaching increased drastically.
    • Change was due to lack of funding and challenges with co-operation from government organisations.
  • 2019
    • Western Cape Government, SAPS and Overstrand Law Enforcement initiatives resulted in decrease in poaching activity in the Kleinmond area.

Based on the data it is evident that poaching can be reduced when there is co-operation between all organisations. It is also evident that poaching activity can increase without the co-operation between the organisations.

Due to this Marine Anti-Poaching Unit, will continue to support the initiatives that focus on marine conservation along the South African Coastline.

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