Poaching activity picking up

Over the last two weeks we have seen an increase in poaching activity in the Overstrand area.

We want to thank those that keep us informed and flag any suspicious activity and we want to ensure more and more people join our fight against the destruction of our marine life.

We also want to acknowledge those that have raised concerns around poaching being reported on various Whatsapp groups and not getting responded to.  We do our utmost to get added to these groups, but in certain instances we have been denied access and for others we are simply not aware of the groups.

Due to this we request that when reporting any poaching activity you do so directly to our Response number:

060 9072326

You can call, SMS, Whatsapp or send a voice note, whatever method suits you best.

Without the support of the community we are not able to achieve our goal of preventing poachers from destroying our marine life.  More often than not, scenes, like the one in the photos below, are what we deal with.  Poachers hid their catch from a night dive in the bushes and collect them the following day.  Abalone already shucked and destroyed.








We are working hard to expand our service offering to ensure we are able to patrol the area on a regular basis and prevent entrance to the ocean for the poachers and to do this we require financial support for vehicle fuel and maintenance and for the community to continue to log all events.  No information is useless or unimportant, even if you see divers far away from the ocean the information is still needed for us to try and establish trends and patterns.

Thank you again to all and please save the numbers below on your phone to report poaching activity in your area:


Marine Anti-Poaching Unit:  0609072326

Sea Watch:  0829949300

DAFF:  0283132703

Cape Nature:  0283140062

SAPS:  0282718202

Overstrand Emergency:  0283138111