Poaching Prevention – Another Success Story

Marine Anti-Poaching Unit gladly reports yet another successful day.

During our afternoon patrol, around 15:30 on 30 August 2017, 12 divers were spotted in the Pringle Bay area. The Marine Anti-Poaching Unit response team utilised surveillance equipment and monitored the divers for approximately four hours.

At this point, the divers split into three groups of 4 and swam in different directions. Due to the advanced equipment in use, we were able to pin point the group that seemingly held which at this point, we assumed to be bags of abalone.

When the divers exited the ocean, the response team approached them and within seconds the divers threw the equipment in nearby bushes and the bags into the ocean, which was filled with abalone.

This is the success we aim for every day, making it difficult for poaching to occur and ultimately preventing the abalone being extracted from the ocean. Of course no arrests were made today, however we managed to prevent extraction of any marine life. These poachers also realised that someone is watching and that committing this crime is no longer as easy as what it was literally a week ago.

We aim to continuously drive poachers out of the Overstrand area by making it difficult for them to actually get the abalone out of the ocean. To do this successfully, we need you, the community of the Overstrand, to expand our volunteer group.

We are seeking any persons over the age of 18, able to assist either part time or full-time to register with Marine Anti-Poaching Unit.

If you are interested in joining us and share our passion for preserving our Marine life please send your contact information to info@mapu.org.za or visit our website (www.mapu.org.za) for further details.