Poaching Prevention

Marine Anti-Poaching Unit has established a collaborative approach with various governmental and local units in the Overstrand area, ensuring that we can deliver against our mission to reduce poaching and criminal activity.

Today, Sunday, 27 August 2017, during our first patrol, we noticed vehicles dropping off, what we believed to be poachers, on the side of the main road in Palmiet.

We observed the individuals making their way towards the coast with rug sacks and immediately reached out to our counterparts.

MCM (Marine and Coastal Management) and Marine Anti-Poaching Unit, working together, ensured that poaching was not possible for this group. Within 45 minutes, by simply making our (MCM and Marine Anti-Poaching Unit) presence known through patrolling and approaching the group, they realised that they have no way to make it into the water and left.

We also managed to identify two vehicles utilised as transport and have flagged them with local authorities to ensure that if they re-appear they will be monitored.

The reality is that Marine Anti-Poaching Unit is not leaving and through working collaboratively, we will not allow the continued destruction of our marine life. This is an environmental war that can be won and every individual can help.

If you want to join us or support us in any way, please visit our website (www.mapu.org.za), make a donation or send us your details and we will make contact to set up a meeting or send you any further information you may require.