Marine and Nature Conservation

  • Environmental Protection
  • Beach Cleanups
  • Poaching prevention
  • Monitoring and reporting of suspicious activity

Poverty Relief

  • Monitoring Team employment
  • Reaction Team employment
  • Various other employment for delivery of the organisational goals in conservation

Skills Development

  • Training through short courses

Youth Development

Smile On is our Youth Development Project that kicked off in 2018 and we are aiming to achieve new heights in 2019.

Below is a list of existing and start up projects, but we need your help.

If you are able to support us by sharing a skill, providing a venue where we can house local kids for workshops, or any consumables, stationary or funding, please send your information to

Projects in flight:

  • Swimming lessons
  • Modern dance Lessons
  • Modern Dance Instructor Development Program
  • Study Groups
  • Junior Marine Ranger Development
  • Career direction workshops
  • Big Brother/Sister programs
  • General need supply – school clothes, stationary, food, etc.