Supporting SAPS and continued poaching prevention

In the late hours of Monday, 18 September 2017, Marine Anti-Poaching Unit received a call from SAPS requesting assistance. Abalone was being transported to Cape Town and a suspicious vehicle was noticed following the transportation vehicle. It was suspected that they could attempt a hijacking and robbery.

Marine Anti-Poaching Unit Response Team drove to the scene, met the vehicle on the road and escorted the vehicle to Cape Town. A second trip and escort to Cape Town was completed. Both vehicles reached their destination without any damage or loss.

Today, 19 September 2017, during a routine patrol a vehicle was spotted in Marine Drive, Betty’s Bay Marine Reserve. Marine Anti-Poaching Unit saw 15 divers exit the transport vehicle and approached them. Before any action was needed the divers got back into the vehicle and they were escorted out of the area.

Today was a success for us as we were able to prevent poachers from entering the water and potentially harming our marine life. The continued support we get from the community is essential to our ongoing success and we thank those who take the time to call or message our response unit. We will do our utmost to respond to these ourselves, and if this is not possible, reach out to our partners in the area to assist.

Please visit our website should you require any further information or want to enrol as a volunteer.