When you know what to expect

On Sunday, 24 September 2017, Marine Anti-Poaching Unit completed our evening patrol.  After a quiet day, due to rough sea conditions, we assumed that we will find activity in the evening and used the opportunity to educate and train one of our volunteers.

When we reached Hangklip slip we found 2 vehicles.

Adults with children were leaving the area and one of the adults left the group and headed towards a bush before returning to the group and leaving with them.

This was odd and we decided to investigate.  We went to the general direction where the person was seen, followed the foot trail and there they were, under sized rock lobsters, still alive and kicking.

It was not our biggest find, but the satisfaction of putting those guys back into the ocean was good enough.

We continued with our route and reached Betty’s Bay where, on the corner of Disa and Porter road, we saw two subjects behind the electric box.

When asking them what they were doing, they advised that they were waiting for their transport.  We decided to observe and their transport arrived; a vehicle filled with divers.  We proceeded to escort the vehicle out of the area ensuring that diving for these individuals were not possible.

Today, 25 September 2017, we are pleased to report that, to our knowledge,  no poaching activity was reported or found in the area and thus we all had a bit of a rest on this Public Holiday.

As always, thank you to everyone supporting us and if you are keen to join our team or donate time, equipment, money, etc.  please reach us on www.mapu.org.za