Poachers not taking a break

The holiday season has arrived, but not everyone is taking a break.

During our foot patrols over the past weekend we came across a variety of sites evidencing that abalone poaching is far from slowing down and very active in the Betty’s Bay Marine Reserve.



Dawidskraal (Betty’s Bay Marine Reserve)

Trash, including gloves, was found in the bushes.  We also came across abalone shells recently shucked evidencing that poachers were in the area.



Marine Drive (Betty’s Bay Marine Reserve)

A floating device, used by poachers for their catch net to make it easier for them to collect the abalone, was found with a large amount of undersized abalone shells.

Poachers are still active on a regular basis and we need your help to ensure we prevent them from doing harm.  We urge the community to please report any suspicious activity to the numbers provided.  It is also important that sites where abalone shells are found are reported as this allows us to identify poaching hot spots.



Rock Lobster Season

The Rock Lobster season has also arrived.  During some random checks we found that permit holders are not 100% up to date with the regulations that goes with the permit.  Please ensure that you stick to the regulations such as only removing lobster during 8:00 and 16:00 on the specified dates.  http://mapu.org.za/daff-announces-the-2017-18-west-coast-rock-lobster-recreational-fishing-season/



Keep your eyes on the road

During the holiday season the roads are exceptionally busy.  The influx of visitors are one part of it, but our animal friends are also more active during this time.  Please keep your eyes open in the area for tortoises and help them along to ensure they stay safe.





Thank you again to all and please save the numbers below on your phone to report poaching activity in your area:

Marine Anti-Poaching Unit:  0609072326 (Call, Whatsapp or SMS)

Sea Watch:  0829949300 (Call or SMS)

DAFF:  0283132703 (Call Only)

Cape Nature:  0283140062 (Call Only)

SAPS:  0282718202 (Call Only)

Overstrand Emergency:  0283138111 (Call Only)