Poaching Activity in Rooi Els

Poaching activity in Rooi Els is increasing and the poacher modus operandi is to enter the ocean via Rooi Els slip and when they have completed their catch for the day walk to the pickup point.



On 25 January 2018, our response team received a notification from the public confirming poachers were active at Rooi Els slip. The team made their way to the scene and found visibility a challenge. Making their way down the shore to find a lookout point a known poaching transport vehicle was spotted at the Poachers Pick-up, as per map above.

The team stayed on the scene and eventually poachers arrived at the pick-up point 2-4 at a time. In total 12 divers arrived at the pick-up point, but had no abalone on them. Various vehicles were on scene collecting the poachers, these vehicle descriptions below:

·        Toyota Tazz; White; CF Number Plate

·        Citi Golf; Black; EC Number Plate

·        Toyota Verso, White, CA Number Plate

·        Toyota Hilux Single Cab with Canopy; White, CA Number Plate

·        Ford Fiesta, White, CEY Number Plate

This data and findings have been shared with DAFF and Cape Nature for further investigation.

Our ask is not for you, the community, to approach these criminals, but to report sightings and information as often as possible. The more data we are able to obtain, the better chance we have to plot the poacher modus operandi accurately and prevent the destruction of our Marine life.





Today, the sight of abalone shells are more common than that of actual abalone and if we keep turning and looking away, abalone will be another life form future generations will only know about through history books due to extinction.

Help us to protect this species from its demise and support poaching prevention by reporting data and information.

To those that continue to support us and provide information, thank you and please continue to do so, as the data is vital to the success of our operation.

To report poaching activity in your area please reach out to the following contact numbers:




Marine Anti-Poaching Unit (Call, SMS, Whatsapp): 0609072326

Sea Watch (Call, SMS): 0829949300

DAFF: 0283132703

Cape Nature: 0283140062

SAPS: 0282718202

Overstrand Emergency: 0283138111